You read Romans 8 in your dark room without knowing the colour of your skin, you came out to the brightness of the day to remember how all the girls you’ve met suddenly turn to racists. They understood colours more than you do. They knew colours more than you. some of them said they don’t like a black boy like you, they said fairness irritate them, and some said albinism is a crime.

Meanwhile, you tried talking to one and you ended up being insulted because Amaka told her that you are a one minute man. You never lasted more than one minute on bed with her. They painted different pictures of you. They suddenly turn to artists painting different colours of boys, those that last two minutes on bed, those that bleach, those that have small dick, those that…

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For The BoyChild: fire

when rape is visited, a girlchild
comes to mind as if we exist not;
remember, we also get raped.
when Afghanistan assault is mentioned,
the name of a Girlchild glue to their lips like they forgot those boys at battlefield made to forget their father’s name.
are we not assaulted too?
when Iran violence is named here,
the skimpy thought of a girlchild echoed.
They engage us with egotic cascading rumours about our conversative lives,
about our brevity not weaknesses,
Picking up those fragments of our lost self. naked. visual impaired cognitive.
we learned to draw guns from fugitive
legs in figurines of steam steak sleeves.
we splitted fire into tongues and eyes,
we splitted smoke and chill doubt in the mouth of lust from the home we lose.
have you seen those kid boys in the war front?
those who are meant to remain at home with nipples inserted into their weak souls.
have you visited the prison yard lately?
boychild commit the max of the crimes,
ladies are weaker vessels & must be protected from disclosed patterned evil.

for this humble fire
Let’s cascade this two worlds
this series of unfortunate cities
this divisions & separate ideologies…
this races &faminism of the heart
this light of men above women.
we have our differences between,
some of us learned to run faster
and the other, slower but life itself
is a baby that knows not what he created.

i heard that boys now pray more than girls…
i heard that boys are more assaulted than girls…
this mortal poems. The earth. The heavens. the hell. the underground.
are verses made for girlchild & for the folding of fire by the boy child.

©John Chizoba Vincent




“What makes you a man?” “Lele, Are you a man? Tell me, are you a full grown man? When last did you keep your own side of the game? I suffer; hustle and do all manner of jobs to see that I keep the family going yet, I am not a good wife. This food you are eating, do you know how it come about? Fool!”

That was how she bark every now and then because I no longer have something doing to sustain the family. She was now the bread winner of the family and everything is loosen now. The mountain now speak of pain and the hills has decided to return to the heavens where it was made. Man, though weak and helpless when things break out between his loins, seems to have turned into the doom that supposed to befall women in their journey of life.


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Hope in the lord and never give up no matter the circumstances of life. calm Your self dawn. watch closely and look at how things is going on… hope in the lord and never give up in life, hope and hope no matter the situation in life only God can help us in life.


Here lies papa, the bravest warrior

Who turned the cats back to the ground.

Whose mighty sword slain thousand soldiers at a sight

And his presence calmed the snarling hyenas

Salute to the mountainous beast among humans

Salute to the king tree, the iroko.

He, who fought the wind in a physical combat with a fist,

Oh papa, enfolded by glories, demon, flapping fans of war.

He walked with the lions of the forest

And his eyeball sent fears into the elephant’s heart.

Wolves trembled at his sight, here lies his corpse unmoved



He has gone to meet his ancestors

His glories diminishing unnoticed;

And his honour with held.

Death threw his door wide open to receive him

That glories Eke morning.

His bony claws were outstretched to hook into his heart,

And plucked out his life.

His cavernous mouth was determined to drink his blood

To the last drop.

Freedom! Papa cried and fought but the hands were too strong .

Stronger than the winds



The ground protested for freedom from his grip

As he joined them.

 They kept moving on razor edge to penetrate him

Mother earth wept for peace.

The worms hastened in

Alas! They all bleed the day to death.

Suddenly, the underworlds stared at the body

I understood their plight

Papa was stronger than them all.

 Ogbuefi, my elegy burst in the name of isieke

 Your ancestral home land.


The iroko has fallen.

The fallen iroko was once upon his glory

And men dared not look into his eyeball.

But here lies he, unmoved.

Feeble ants now laughed at him scornfully

Yes, we dreamt of conquering death.

So lives could live and grow sore not.

I remembered the lures of that ancient call.

Of what importance is life any way?

That man stumbled and struggled for evil.

Vanity, it is, vanity upon vanities.

But men understood not the call there of.


I will walk through the pains

Promising with all hopes

Not to turn down men of good will

For I pass this road but once.

To wait on this great green side   

  Till the coming dark clouds have cleared

Then, death be no more

And, father emerged in joyful smiles clothed in white

To welcome me home to dwell in his bossom with his Chi.






I put the kiss in your heart.

Remembering the days we wear hat.

When the winds blow.

Look upon the sky and below.

You could see what I am made of.

Of what use is love upon the sea?

I took your hands and you smell the winds.

Go to the forest and see how weeds are made.

Glorious as I am but don’t forget me.


Remember the kiss upon the moon.

I kiss and love you till the moon stand still.

When all are gone, I remained upon the sun for you.

There we spend our entire lives.

Remember the tears upon the isle under the sea.

Remember the love of goat and a cow.

Breaking the laws and principles of natures.

Can the two love? Remember I be there for you.

Remember the thousand hugs that I promised not to forget

Love is strong above all things but there’s something stronger than love

Yes blood is stronger than love.

My heart is heavy with pains and agony as I walk along the lonely road

Remember the blood we drank together with the winds.

You heard and understand the words from the winds.

Never to forget me till eternity

Remember my children, elegy so long I wrote to them.

War would never claim my life.

I will surely come back for them.

The children of the Eagles

Born in the house of symbols.

With green leaves covering my face for defense.

Pray that I don’t think of you in the warfront.

Rather you pray I survive and love you thousand times.


The hibiscus and green leaves waves their hands in tears and sorrows

I understood their sorrows but I forget my country not.

It is just for a while, the sorrow would end and rest would hang on me.

When I pondered over the white flag to be raised

I am not a coward but I speak of peace and harmony

So I pray that you remember me

The love you shared with me.

When the time comes, we fly to paradise with a child.

Let the status of me be carved in your mind.

Many are gone to the dust of the earth.

But here I stood to appreciate mother earth.

She remembered me in her prayer.

The soil and the wind listen to my desire.

It kindles the desperate burning fire.

The prayers went swifter than the eagles.

How are the mighty fallen and the weapon of war perished?

But here stood I to appreciate mother earth.

She remembered and prayed for me.

My wife and children also never leave me.

They stayed above the sky praying.

Here I come, the deed is done.








when the heart lies


When the heart lies,

Tears emerged and stood in the eyes.

Emotions built in the heart

Falling in love seems dangerous

Smiles disappeared and odd cry dwells.

The blood runs dry in the veins,

And truth a hundred miles away from the heart.

Love taste sour as hatred emerged,

Bitterness of the heart grows more wings, very dangerous and visible.

Tossing and tossing things around in the heart.

Body cells shattered away in horror

When the lies

 A blemish is left within the heart

Howling to be healed with a prince kiss.

Unknown scars of yesterday

Remained visible on the sword

Kept in the scabbard.

Scab drawn within, intensively,

And memories of good days hung high upon mountain

Exchange of wind blows set in.

When the heart lies, the heart becomes shrank and softer.

As trust escape through the door and anger hasten in.

Separated world and twisted fate

Twisted fate such as twist

Of each married man as one heart becomes two.

Loneliness entered as fondness hasten away

Darkness of the night becomes visible to the eyes

Back to back on the bed,

Dinning before the other if the appetites were there

When the heart lies, the iron ring would be thrust aside and trampled upon.

World apart,

Two together becomes apart.

Marriage is not a bed of roses neither relationship a sweet songs.

Mother warned you to be faithful

Remembering the oats on the altar

 White gown wore with veil now turns black and red.

Lying dismantled the holy matrimony.

Oh! The serpent at it again,

The old deceiver of the world

Here lie our first parents whom you deceived

Of which use is your power when you make us lie?

When the heart lies,

It brings Bruises on the face

Infidelity brought the pains

Thousand warning unheard

Waite for the miserable life in future

When you have too many mouth to feed.

Take care humble heart, take care emotions

Take care father heart, least you perish in misery.